Shower Chat

Episode 1 - Jamestown

Line drawn map of New York State. A dot where we live (Brooklyn) and where we traveled to (Jamestown, NY)

In July 2015, we traveled to Jamestown, NY for Jake and Camille's stateside wedding. At some point amidst the Greek dancing, the bingo, and the quality hangs with good friends, a conversation happened.

We were in our hotel room, getting ready. In fact, we were in the shower. Yes, we often shower together. It's purely for practical reasons.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Shower stall with steam, suds and two silhouettes

Ian was in particularly good spirits, and was perhaps emboldened a bit by the festivities. He suggested that we should get married.

Alice thought Ian was joking. She pointed out that we had only been dating for a year and hadn't lived together yet. Obviously it was too soon to talk about marriage.

And so, we decided to move in together that fall.

Episode 2: Brooklyn

Line drawn map of Brooklyn. Twin moving vans driving from both Ridgewood and Sunset Park toward Bed-Stuy.

In October 2015, Ian and Alice moved into an apartment in Bed-Stuy. Things were good. Farts were made. Boxes were unpacked… slowly.

Months went by. One morning in late summer 2016, Alice was getting ready for the day while Ian was in the kitchen making breakfast. As she was showering (by herself this time), Alice thought back on all the moments leading up to where we were as a couple. When she and Ian met as coworkers. The start of their relationship. Moving in together and talking about the future. She emerged from the bathroom in a towel and said:

Alice: We should get married. Ian: Okay. Alice: [surprised] REALLY? Ian: Well, yeah. Remember when we were in Jamestown and *I* said we should get married? Alice: Wait, you were serious? Ian and Alice stare at each other blankly

Episode 3: Rules of Engagement

We've talked over the months about what it means to get engaged to try to figure out what seems best for us. Neither of us are interested in the traditional man-gets-a-ring-and-proposes-to-girl-on-one-knee scenario. TBH, Alice would rather spend the money from an engagement ring on an open bar or fireworks during the wedding. We want to celebrate this decision we've made together with our friends and family, but we needed a way to tell people that seemed like “us”. So over the last few months we decided to build something that would let us tell our silly story in our own way.

Hence, this website.


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